Announcing Basket Case

Ok, here’s the deal. I like certain webcomics (and certain newspaper comics), but many of them are under the radar. I want to use Basket Case to showcase the ones I like. On the other hand, there are a lot of comics that are really good that I haven’t discovered yet. This is where BC comes in – if you like a strip, say so here.

First poll – What’s your favorite single-panel gag strip (newspaper or webcomic)? Put your response in the comments to this post.


11 thoughts on “Announcing Basket Case”

  1. The Dinette Set, a scathing indictment on average Americans, and Randolph Itch, 2AM, which is smart and funny. Both have stopped their runs, but are currently in reruns on gocomics,

    A new one which is online only, I believe, is 1 and Done, which is VERY Far Side-esque, but not done every day. It seems like he only does it when he thinks up a good one.

  2. Of the ones mentioned I would go with Family Circus. I also like to read the single-panel Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – mainly because I have to go find out what the real details are, so I learn something.

  3. Top 3 of the commercial variety: Bizarro, Brevity (great puns), and
    Argyle Sweater. Ballard Street is also an excellent one for just plain quirky and weird.

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