Poll results

Well, we got 460 hits on Basket Case on the first day, and 60+ on day 2. Thanks for visiting!  Of that, 8 people responded to my question of what your favorite single-panel gag comics are.  The winner of the popularity contest is —- Family Circus with 3 mentions.  The Far Side, The Argyle Sweater and Off the Mark tied for second with 2 mentions each, and the rest got one mention apiece. Kind of conventional there, folks…

So, on to question 2. What do you look for in these kinds of gag strips? Is it the artwork? The development of characters? The puns? A sense of familiarity? The fact that it’s there?

Family Circus        3
The Far Side        2
The Argyle Sweater    2
Off the Mark        2
Speed Bump
Get a Life
Working it Out
Free Range
Ballard Street
Loose Parts
Real Life Adventures
The Dinette Set
Randolph Itch, 2AM
1 and Done
Nick and Zuzu
Our Boarding House with Major Hoople.

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