Adam Warren Sketch, and who do you want interviewed?

One of the reasons for creating Basket Case is that I like quite a few webcomics, and paper comicbooks in general. However, many of them fly under the radar and don’t get the appreciation they deserve. I read about 50 titles a day (some of them aren’t daily, so that brings the numbers down a bit), and I’m excited to say that I have one artist interview in the works, another 3 where I’m waiting on the answers to my initial questions, and another 3-4 people that have said “yes” to my request, but haven’t said anything after getting the questions. I’m hoping you like them as much as I do.

In the meantime, here’s a pencil sketch I got from Adam Warren back in 1991 at an anime con, when Adam was still drawing for the Dirty Pair comic.

Finally, the next poll question: Who would you like to see get a Basket Case interview? (please answer in the comments)

4 thoughts on “Adam Warren Sketch, and who do you want interviewed?”

  1. J Grant and Mel Hynes – “Two Lumps”; Randy Milholland, “Something Positive”… and Tatsuya Ishida – “Sinfest”. Throwing 3 more in there, just for fun: Jennie Breeden – “The Devil’s Panties”, Danielle Corsetto – “Girls with Slingshots” and David Willis – “Dumbing of Age”.

    All of them have been drawing their webcomics for well over a decade. “DoA” is not quite 10 years old, but the characters were reinvented from prior webcomics he’s drawn (and since completed).

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