Drive sketch

I like getting art from webcomic artists that I like. This one is of Nosh, from Dave Kellett’s SF strip, Drive

If you also like Drive, you may be interested in getting in on Dave’s kickstarter for the first hard cover print version of the book. Looks to be pretty awesome. Deadline is the end of Sept.


Next poll question: Do you own any original webcomic artwork?
If so, what is it?

One thought on “Drive sketch”

  1. I have two, actually… one came with a Two Lumps book that I’d gotten through Kickstarter recently – it’s of Snooch and Archie the Angry Goldfish, and the other one was a from a donation run from Gearoid Molloy, the author of “Neko the Kitty” (a comic I found out today, is still going). That last one was from 2004; I didn’t know what I wanted, and so he quickly drew Neko on the moon for me.

    Both of those sketches have pride of place here in my home. 🙂

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