Got Press Kit?

When I started sending out emails to the various webcomic artists, I pretty much expected that when I asked for basic personal background information I’d be directed to read some attached press (media) kit. From my point of view, I wouldn’t be wasting the artist’s time having them repeat the same information to me that they’d given to every other interviewer ad nauseum. But, that hasn’t happened yet. I mean, yeah, linking me to an online press kit in the artist’s blog is the cheap way out, but still, doesn’t ANYONE have one?

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, sent me their email newsletter, and their lead story was on the importance of having a good media kit. So, I went to their site just now, and I can’t find the blog article there anywhere. I’ve then been running google searches on media kit articles, and there’s really not that much on the net (beyond a couple companies trying to sell pre-made templates) for instructions on making ago author’s press kit.

I did find one page, though, and I’m going to mention it here. Writing World’s press kit page. Maybe someone will find it useful.


Next poll question: Do you like seeing photos of your favorite writer?
Is it important for you to know what they look like?

2 thoughts on “Got Press Kit?”

  1. Not really… I mean, if I ever get to meet my favorite webcomic artists in person, that would be cool, but otherwise, what they look like really isn’t that important to me. Some comics, I can get an idea… like, Something Positive’s Randy Milholland; his characters are semi-autobiographical, so it’s easy enough to get an idea of what he looks like. J Grant and Mel Hynes (Two Lumps), I can get an idea because J did another comic (Flem Comics) that was also semi-autobiographical. Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties) is the same way – she draws herself on a regular basis, so it’s not hard to figure out.

    If I had even an 8th of their talent, I’d still probably draw myself in stick form (kinda like the crack-up crew from Cyanide and Happiness). lol

  2. It’s not crucial to know, but it might be interesting particularly for those artists who depict themselves in their comics.

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