Brian Anderson’s Newsletter

There’s an interesting dichotomy regarding people that read webcomics, particularly with strips running on GoComics. On the one hand, you have readers that go directly to the artist’s main page to see the new strips as they come out, and on the other there are those that refuse to stay up to date, preferring to read the strips on GoComics several months later.

In general, the artists would prefer you to visit their main site(s), to get the latest news and to possibly click on their tip jar buttons. The point though, is that the main sites have a community that’s (emotionally) closer to the artists, and occasionally those artists reward their more ardent fans with things that no one else learns about (such as unreleased artwork, pencil sketches, or discussions of what goes on behind the scenes of the strip).

One case in point is Brian Anderson’s The Conjurers page. Brian is the creator of The Conjurors, and Dog Eat Doug (and, I interviewed him on Oct. 10th). He has a beautiful art style, he loves things like Hell Boy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Batman, and he sneaks references to what he likes into Dog Eat Doug. It becomes a game, trying to identify which toy Doug is playing with now. You can find his author profile here on Amazon.

(Cover of the Everyday is Sunday ebook PDF version. Copyright (c) 2016 Brian Anderson.)

Now, the point of all this. Brian put together an e-book collection of some of his favorite DeD Sunday strips under the title Everyday is Sunday. These are the really good ones that ran between 2013 and 2016, with the newspaper title panels removed so that you can read the rest of the strip more easily. 72 pages of pop references, alien cats, and hyper-imaginative dog and human babies. Free for a very limited time, to subscribers of Brian’s newsletter.

What are you waiting for?

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