Dog Eat Doug vol. 7 is out still in time for Christmas!

Brian Anderson’s seventh volume of Dog Eat DougBAK! in Black – is now available on ($2.87 for the Kindle version; $19.99 for the paperback).

This volume includes strips from 7/23/2012 to 8/10/2013, with the introductions of Timby (baby Tim Burton), the move to the new house, the introduction of the lake monster, and the adoption of the two cats, Chewy and Equinox.

The artwork is great, the set-ups are great and the jokes are great. A few readers on GoComics have said that they don’t like the cats, but I think that Chewy and Equinox are brilliant additions to the cast, and they allow Brian to go nuts on the doomsday device drawings.

Highly recommended. Go to Amazon and buy a copy, and help support the artist!

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