A T-Rex Graphic Novel

Ok, there was this thing a few days ago.


It was Christmas, and I got…


No. 😦

It wasn’t smooches.

It was a book.

It was The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe!

With writing by Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics.

And art by Erica Henderson, who has nothing to do with dinosaurs. But she draws goodly at other things.

Most excellent. It’s funny, witty, well-drawn and a great pastiche of a girl, her friends, her squirrels and her squirrel friends. Now available. It even has alt-text, when you hover your cursor finger over the page. Meaning, there’s educational stuff in it too, like, why you don’t throw discarded nuclear waste into volcanoes.

I recommend Squirrel Girl graphic novels to all my friends.
T-Rex says:

Two thumbs up?

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