Non Sequitur Coloring Bears

Hi. Yes, I’m still here. Just wanted to post this.

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About a year ago, Wiley Miller, of Non Sequitur fame, started treating his Sunday strip as a (roughly) once-a-month coloring page. He’s gotten some push-back on this from some of his more hostile readers (who apparently don’t like his political views), but on the whole the reception for these strips has been overwhelmingly positive. The artwork is great, the scenes are imaginative, and even in black and white they’re fun to look at.

Unfortunately, while the Japan Times does run Non Sequitur occasionally, they don’t have the Sunday strips. On the other hand, I do get the Sunday comics pages from two different papers from family in the U.S. twice a year. And in the latest batch, I received these two strips. I also have a small collection of 10 colored pencils – not enough to get a lot of nuanced shades of any given color, but adequate for this job. Note that the camera washed-out a lot of the color and the uniformity of the pencil work. The photos are close enough to give a pretty good idea of what the finished coloring work looks like. (Using a scanner would have been worse.)

It’s oddly satisfying coloring in the panels, but a little stressful having to sit still and shade in everything like this. I am amazed at myself, when I look at the finished strips – I think they look pretty good. There’s no particular reason to keep them, though. It might be different if Wiley had a full coloring book for sale, I’d be tempted to keep that after I was through, but he says that he’s got no plans for collecting the Sunday B&W strips into a book because there’s no money in it.

Might be justification for putting together a kickstarter…