The Norm Commission

The next commission I wanted was from Michael Jantze, with all of the Norms in a family portrait-style arrangement. In order to get this, I signed up as a patreon of The Norm at the $5 a month level. In return I got this sweet little marker colored 6″x6″ bristol board of my favorite Norm and his companions in grime. (Well, actually that happens later, in The Norm 4.0, when they have to engage in spring cleaning.)

Additionally, I received in the same package #8 of The Norm Magazine, which collects the original The Norm strips from Dec. 1998 to May 1999, and includes the introduction of Chris the Wookie as he and Norm camp out in front of the theater for 3 weeks to be the first ones in to watch the premiere of The Phantom Menace. Man, it feels just like yesterday that the latest SW film came out. How time flies. Also, within the magazine was a Norm greeting card, of which I now have to make friends with someone so I have someone to send the card to on Friends Day.

Highly recommended. Get your Norm on today.

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