Worth Mentioning – Questionable Content

Still no new interviews, but I’ve been reading some new (to me) webcomics.

This one has Questionable Content. Very questionable.
I recommend going through the archives from the beginning. The artwork starts out rough, things are very talky, and there’s an unnecessarily heavy emphasis on indie music and fake indie cool, but that subsides eventually. The main thing here is that there’s a massive amount of character development, weird arrangements of romantic entanglements, and some very off-the-wall humor. If you can get past all the swearing, you’ll be good. NSFW, but nothing outright “graphic”…

And often, the artwork’s really good.

Plus, Jeph Jacques did an interesting little SF short named Alice Grove. The science part gets a bit weird in the middle, but the story is good. Numbering starts at 220 and goes down from there…

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