Worth Mentioning – Wild Hunt

Still no new interviews, but I’ve been reading some new (to me) webcomics.


Wild Hunt is kind of a standard comic book super hero webcomic that features a young woman, Holly, as the main character. Holly was a college pre-med sophomore who was on her bicycle when she was hit by a car. While in a coma, she was approached by some supernatural thing called The Wild Hunt. The Hunt recruits Holly as the next incarnation of what turns out to be a long string of people able to turn their dreams real. When Holly sleeps, her dream self manifests as a horned woman in a green tattered dress, hood and cape.

(Dream Holly)

After recovering from the coma, Holly drops out of college, returns home to live with her parents, and spends the nights fighting spirits, harpies and other creatures that threaten the well-being of the inhabitants of the city. There are hints that a few other humans have powers as well, but Holly hasn’t actually befriended any of them yet. The comic started March 21, 2014, and updates every Monday. It’s up to chapter 6, and the story still hasn’t gotten fully up to speed.

(Holly in training)

The writing is by Shaun Gilroy, and art by Dima Derzhavin. The character designs, background art and action sequences are as good as anything from Marvel or DC. Visually, Wild Hunt looks professionally made. It’s very impressive, and the art is what keeps bringing me back every week. The problem is the writing and the pacing. The narration is hammy, and it takes forever for Holly to come to grips with her current state. What I really dislike, though, is that the jump cuts are too abrupt, and chapter changes feel like 1 or 2 pages are missing. Cliff hangers are resolved too quickly, and certain plot points get left dangling in the air after the chapter ends. One specific example is when Holly’s little sister gets kidnapped by a family of harpies. Holly teleports to safety with her sister into a tunnel system below the city, and the chapter ends. There’s no mention of how the girl gets back home without the harpies spotting them, and, although Holly tries to make her sister believe this is all a dream, the girl never mentions having subsequent nightmares or irrational fears of being attacked by harpies in her sleep. In fact, the girl becomes something of a non-character after this.

(The Wild Hunt)

Overall, Wild Hunt shows promise. It’s unfolding slowly, and will take years to reach any kind of climax. But, if you’re patient, it’s worth giving a chance. And, you can always go back through the archives occasionally to see if there was anything you missed. Who knows, maybe the pacing will improve as Gilroy gets more experienced. Recommended if you like oddball superheroes.

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