The Curse of the Crooked Mile comments

I have been reading a few new webcomics that I really like.

The Curse of the Crooked Mile is a relatively new webcomic (started on Oct. 26, 2017), by Dora M. Mitchell. It’s an atmospheric kid’s horror story that revolves around 12-year-old Owen Stark, a young boy that grew up in an orphanage. Right after his latest birthday, he discovered that he still had living relatives – 2 creepy, weird great-uncles – “man of science” Mortemius, and “I have no teef” Orphadel. The two men bring Owen to the family mansion in the cursed town of Crooked Mile, where the boy is expected to help them conduct their “experiments.” At the moment, we have no idea what those experiments may be, but there’s kind of a hint that it may have to do with resurrecting the dead (and then burying them again). Updates on Fridays, so it’s going to take a long while for the mystery to really start to unfold. In the meantime, though, the artwork is good, as is the writing and character establishment.

Creepy, but with a good sense of humor. Worth keeping an eye on. Just don’t pry.

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