The Last Mechanical Monster

Brian Fies has had two comics run on GoComics, Mom’s Cancer, a very personal look into what happens when someone in the family has cancer (also available on, and The Last Mechanical Monster. LMM is a bit lighter-hearted than Mom’s Cancer. It’s inspired by the original Fleischer Brothers’ Superman cartoon, The Mechanical Monsters. In the cartoon, the mad genius is defeated by Superman and put behind bars. Brian then asked, what if the genius was finally released after serving his sentence, and then went back to his destroyed but long-untouched lab and put together one last monster from the pieces of the others? The story just wrapped up on GoComics on June 8, and as thanks to his readers, Brian added a link to a Mechanical Monster papercraft. I like making papercraft models, and I had extra cardstock left over, so, why not?

It took me at least 10 hours to cut out all the pieces, form them and glue them together, but I wasn’t really timing myself. The finished model is a huge 16″ tall. It would be even taller if I had the arms raised in rampage mode.

Brian suggested using brads for the hip-leg, neck, and shoulder joints if you wanted stuff to move, but I didn’t feel like buying a package of brads just for this. So, I made paper rivets. I cut out disks from the torso joint locations for the neck, shoulders and hips, then I trimmed the disks down to be a bit smaller than the diameter of the holes. I glued one side of the disk to the glue point for the appendage, positioned the appendage so that the disk was inside the matching hole on the body, then glued a larger piece of paper to the disk on the inside of the body. The limbs and head swivel just fine, but the rivets are loose enough that the limbs don’t stay in place if I pose them. I either need to tape the rivets in place from the inside, or stick paper wedges into the backs of the joints. Right now, I like LMM as he is.

I also didn’t glue down the tabs holding the neck collar and hips to the torso, because it’s easier to carry the monster if it’s disassembled. And I left the chest flap and back of the hips free so I can get to the paper rivets from the inside if I need to. But, otherwise, yeah, LMM is fully ready to go out and monsterize people.

As Brian says, it’s not bullet-proof, and it won’t fly unless you throw it really hard. But, it can dream. In the land of giant mobile suits, Godzilla, and Super Saiya-jin, it can dream.

The world runs on Dunkin’.

One thought on “The Last Mechanical Monster”

  1. Creator of “A Fire Story,” “Mom’s Cancer,” and “Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow,” all published by Abrams. Also created “The Last Mechanical Monster” webcomic. Won some awards, including an Eisner, Harvey, Inkpot, Emme and Emmy. I’m grateful.

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