Caricature of the Basket Case

I find it interesting to see how other people see me, and there is the question of how artists from different cultures express the same thing using their own perceptions. So, I’d been debating for quite a while over whether to spend the money to get my caricature from the Japanese artist working on the top floor of the Amu Plaza department store (in front of the entrance to the Ferris Wheel). I finally broke down and splurged on the one-figure with color and Kagoshima landmarks background. That’s fairly pricey, at 2,200 yen plus tax ($22 USD). But, she works fast and it’s a pretty-detailed picture. The sheet is large as well, like 20% bigger than my scanner. So, I had to take a photo, which is why it’s a bit keystoned.

Compare this to Greg Craven’s portrayal of me for the Hubris Great Stanky Creek Fest (I’m the one in the TSOJ shirt).

And the commission I got from the ever-amazing Matt Howarth.

I need to go back to Amu Plaza and get the artist’s business card so I can give her artist credits.

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