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Recently, I was reading Sam Logan’s Sam and Fuzzy (I’m currently a patreon) reader Q&A posts, and one of the readers asked which comics Sam would recommend to switch to when S&F ends in the foreseeable future. One of his suggestions was Speak of the Devil, which hasn’t quite started up yet (right now, the link leads to concept art on Tumblr). The thing is, artist Michael Lee Lumsford had just finished Supernormal Step, and I figured I’d give that a try.

(Speak of the Devil)

It took a couple days to go through the archives, but if the server doesn’t bog down, it’s actually a very quick read. The protagonist is Fiona Dae, a confused young woman whose father had been a kind of secret agent problem solver. He taught her how to survive in the shadow world before dying on a mission. When one of the guy’s past partners, Jim Black, ends up as a cursed bunny in a magic world, Black tries using forbidden magic to summon Fiona’s father to help break the curse and succeeds in pulling Fiona into that world instead. The story is broken up into 2 parts – the first, where Fiona meets new people in her quest to return home; the second, where she and a few of those people get back to her home, and then strive to find a way back to the magic world.

(Supernormal Step)

Supernormal Step began in 2009, and just wrapped up this year. It started kind of rough, with inconsistent character designs and a spotty storyline. Eventually, it found more of a groove, and the designs settled down a lot (becoming more flat and “comic-booky”). In a way, there were a number of places where Michael could have taken sub-arcs in all new, and more interesting directions than he did, but the comic as a whole is still pretty entertaining (a small, minor example, Fiona loves punk and hard rock song references, but she never exploits in-jokes like she could have when devising new magic spells. Any songs by AC/DC would have made for fantastic battle weapons, with Ballbreaker and Burnin’ Alive being two prime examples. Or, Dust to Dust, and Scream by the Misfits. Lots of options, and lots of missed chances for some great artwork and/or humor. But, I’m not complaining.

I did enjoy reading SnS, and I am looking forward to SotD.
For those about to Shlock, I salute you.

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