(Good Heavens and Steak intercept Helvetica.)

I’ve checked out Helvetica a few times over the last couple years, and I finally decided to read through the full archives to find out what the story is. It’s written and drawn by j.n.wiedle, who is also currently working as the colorist on Barbarous (reviewed here a couple months ago). The comic is very much off-and-on, having started in 2011, and only reaching 96 pages. The last update was in Dec., 2017, and there’s little evidence of a new page coming out in the near future. But, if you like Barbarous, Helvetica is worth at least a visit.

(Buck trashes Heaven’s apartment.)

The story is simple – when you die, you go to the land of the dead, minus your memories, and the first word(s) you utter becomes your name. Helvetica is a recent arrival, and he’s obsessed with finding out what he’d been like when he was alive. Along the way, he befriends Autumn, a female dead that works at an ice cream parlor and fancies herself to be a detective writer. Additional characters include Good Heavens and Steak, the greeters that help Helvetica get his footing in this new environment; Lucy, a detective and Autumn’s inspiration as a writer; and a pair of thugs that want Steak to return to their gang under the leadership of the insane “Buck.”

(Autumn and Lucy.)

Helvetica as a character is a whiny little brat, but the rest of the cast is more interesting, and the story concept still has a lot of promise, while the character designs and background artwork are good. This webcomic is worth putting on your radar. And, who knows, if wiedle gets enough patreons, she may afford to take it up again. Recommended if pink doesn’t bother you too much.

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