The Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest book comments

(All rights belong to their owners. Image from Amazon for review purposes only.)

The second webcomic-related book I got for Christmas is the Hubris Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest, by Greg Cravens (2016). Greg runs Hubris both on his site, and GoComics, as well as The Buckets. If you follow Hubris, then you know the story and the quality of the artwork (which is great of course) (Greg did add some new filler material specifically for this book to help entice the regular online readers).

The Great Stanky follows Hubris as he and his Outdoor Galore store host the first annual Stanky Creek Fest, an outdoor competition that includes BMX biking, skateboarding, flaming hacky sack, and duct tape kayaking. Guest one-off judges include Jamie Hyneman, Steven Tyler and Tonya Harding. Characters include Hubris’ half-brother Paste, his friend Kelly, Bob, and Durnell Hawk (Tony Hawk’s drunk cousin). We also get an early appearance of young punk Nikki, who later becomes a regular at the store.

One key element in the fest is that Team US is made up of readers at the regular site, including Allen, Crazy Al, and me. I show up in two strips as the guy who fails to make it into the rock climbing event. (But, I get my revenge in the second annual fest, where I ride people through the swamp to avoid getting leeches inbetween my toes. I don’t believe in leeches.)

In short, The Great Stanky is a great read. It’s funny, it’s got great art, and it’s got copyright-free (because of parody) images of people you may have even seen on TV! Recommended.

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