Enter the Baby comments

(All rights belong to their owners. Image from Amazon for review purposes only.)

The third book I received for Christmas is Brian Anderson’s Enter the Baby (2016), the fourth compilation of Dog Eat Doug strips. Great art, imaginative story arcs (parodies of the Devil went down to Georgia, and Indiana Jones), and occasionally howl-out-loud funny set-ups.

On the whole, Dog Eat Doug is a simple daily strip (newspaper and online) about 3-month-old lab puppy Sophie, and her sidekick human baby Dougie, and the games they play with each other. Sometimes, the games are for who gets to eat Dougie’s dinner, other times they’re about who can get into trouble the most creatively. The house is also occupied by two alien cats (Chewie and Equinox), Mom, and Dad (presumably Brian himself). But, there are a lot of pop culture references, and Dougie sometimes gets toys that include Hellboy, a Dalek, and whatever else is popular at the moment.

There was one customer reviewer on Amazon who complained that the strips in this particular book did not contain any Kung Fu jokes. That’s the problem of parodying pop culture – some people take it too literally. Sorry, no Kung Fu here. Just off-the-wall silliness and a funny joke cover. Recommended in paperback form, because it’s more fun to hold the paper strips in your hands.

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