I like webcomics (and newspaper strips).

Ultimately, I want to turn Basket Case into an interview site with various artists and writers. Right now, though, I’ll start things out by asking you, the visitors here, for your recommendations for good strips.

Want to contact me? Leave a comment on this page with your email in the form of “name at company dot com” (i.e. “me at gmail dot com”) and I’ll drop you a line.


18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well, here’s the ones from my bookmarks:

    Cyanide and Happiness
    Dumbing of Age
    The Devil’s Panties
    Fowl Language
    Least I Could Do
    Looking for Group
    Madam and Eve
    Marry Me
    Ménage a 3 (NSFW most times)
    No Pink Ponies
    The Oatmeal
    Octopus Pie
    Questionable Content
    Sandra on the Rocks
    Something Positive
    Sticky Dilly Buns (NSFW sometimes)
    Two Lumps
    Tundra Comics

    There are a few that have long since finished – these are tops with me for various reasons.

    Anders Loves Maria
    Bigger than Cheeses
    Ctrl+Alt+Del (original story ended in 2012, brought back in 2014)
    Dreamless (graphic novel)
    Queen of Wands
    Woody After Hours

  2. I’d like to see interviews with some different Sherpa comics that I enjoy from GoComics: Eric Salinas (“Something About Celeste”), Man Martin (“Inkwell Forest”), Jose Sepi (“My Son is a Dog”), and Dave McHattie (“Bob’s Your Uncle”). Thank you, Curtis! I enjoy reading your interviews with various cartoonists. 🙂

  3. Man Martin, creator of Inkwell Forest, just mentioned he’d love to be interviewed!

    And if I may make another suggestion:
    Michael Paraskevas and Maria Bruno (Lili and Derek)

  4. There are a couple on gocomics that I’m absolutely in love with, both have great humor and great art. Wallace the Great and Experiment 42.

      1. I also want to marry Experiment 42 and Wallace the Brave! They are my two favorite comics at the moment. ❤

  5. Yeah, I would recommend Wallace the Brave, too. It’s a fantastic comic strip ( maybe my favorite at the moment) , but I’ve never really heard much about it

  6. There are two cartoonist online I love, but can’t find much about: interview Reyn- really funny, dark stuff. He posts on Twitter @reyntoons

    And then there’s @catandcatcomic – real quirky and entertaining light fare.



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